R.I.P Tito Vilanova


R.I.P Tito Vilanova

Football is not always about glory and rivalry, football is about unity, sportsmanship, and brotherhood. There’s this emotional bond between one club with the other. Fans, clubs, managers, players, shares the same feeling because they know exactly what they’re going through each and every day..

The world of football (or maybe the world), is experiencing a sorrow feeling after what happens to Barcelona’s ex manager, Tito vilanova. At the age of 45, Tito who has been struggling against cancer since 2011, passed away on 25th of April 2014. Many football players, fans and football clubs showed their sympathies. Even Barcelona’s eternal rival Real Madrid, showed their sympathy through social media. The man who dedicate his life to Barcelona since 2007, was announce suffered from a throat cancer which lead him to death after also suffering a few times of relapse.

The world will always remember the one who succesfully replace Pep Guardiola to manage a big club like Barcelona and shoulder the pressure, burden and the fan’s expectations. To sum-up, I myself as a Chelsea fans and also all of the football fans acrros the planet earth will remember Tito Vilanova for the rest of our lifes..

Rest in peace Tito~


By: Almas Nizar Bahrak


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