transfer rumors #1


transfer rumors #1

The English Premier League has almost comes to an end, so there will begin the summer transfer windows, which leads to transfer rumors. Medias will exaggerate any kind of rumors happening after the end of the season. There we say: ROMORS, it is made by some speculations, but still have the possibility to be true.

Here in my first rubrick of Chelsea’s Transfer Rumors, we have Ross Barkley. Barkley has a stunning season with Everton. His contribution to the club was no doubt. Chelsea was reported to be interested in signing the 20 year old english midfielder. This news probably is a good news, but the one thing I concerned is Chelsea is considering to TRADE LUKAKU with Barkley. I will be dissapointed if Chelsea really went with this decission. Because Lukaku is such a precicious and potential striker, LUKAKU IS THE NEXT DROGBA, I belive the rest of the Chelsea fans around the world will not be happy if Chelsea really did release Rumelu Lukaku.


The other rumor is the exit of John Obi Mikel. Mikel has contribute a massive performance for Chelsea for 7 years of his carrier in Chelsea. 205 caps with 1 goal for Chelsea. Mikel is probably lost Jose Mourinho’s trust to be in the starting member, because Nemenja Matic, Ramires, Lampard and even David Luiz are in a better preformance than Mikel in this position. With Inter Milan, AS Monaco, and Napoli is interested to sign the Nigerian captain, there is no doubt Chelsea will release him at the summer transfer window.



By: Almas Nizar Bahrak


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