Ultimate ShowDown: Goal Keeper


Ultimate ShowDown: Goal Keeper

Fight for the spot. Chelsea’s Goalkeeper position is the most crutial postion in time. Now, Petr Cech has a competitor of his own in this position. Cech is currently has some problem with his shoulder injury on Atletico Match last month, and predicted will be out for about 8 weeks. Cech had an amazing season with Chelsea this season, with 22 cleansheets this season both in the leage and Champions League.

On the other side, Thibaut Curtois, Chelsea’s 22 year old Goalkeeper who is on loan at Atletico Madrid for the second time now has a better record in cleansheets (25 cleansheets) both in the La Liga and Champions League. Many romours said that Curtois will be sold to Atletico or Real Madrid, and some says Curtois will be in Chelsea next season. Well, who knows maby Curtois will beat Cech and be Mou’s first choice to be Chelsea’s No 1.

The question will be, Who will Mou choose next Season? Share your thought on the comment below!!!


By: Almas Nizar Bahrak



3 thoughts on “Ultimate ShowDown: Goal Keeper

  1. blue4eva

    curtois better goalie, cuz cech is 30 years old n cech has prob with many injury, including his head….
    curotis much younger, and better reaction, mou must b crazy to loan him again next season…

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