Transfer Rumors #2


Transfer Rumors #2

Breaking the record for the most expensive defender of all time after PSG officially announce the transfer of David Luiz from Chelsea.

david_luiz_chelsea-380320After 3 and a half year playing for Chelsea, the 27 year old Brazilian, decided to take a new challenge by moving to PSG. The
French club is believed to agree at the price of 50m poundsterling, this made Luiz as the most expensive defender of all time, after beating Thiago Silva who moved from AC Milan to PSG for about 40m pounds. Chelsea is believed to use the money from this transfer to hook Atletico Madrid’s star Diego Costa.

This is probably the sadest news for Chelsea fans around the world for the mean time. Not only the fans, I believed that the players same the same way too. Luiz was a type of defender who is so fun to watch. The bravery to help the midfielder and forwards to score goals. A game against Fulham last season when Luiz scored a thunderbolt from 30 yards, makes you think that Luiz is a special player.

We will miss you Geezer !!!!


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